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Student Service

The goal of student service opportunities is so that service becomes a rhythm of life for every student, not just an activity done around a holiday.

As students experience at Lancaster Bible progresses through the years, students are given ample opportunities to catch the fire of servant leadership. From the first semester at LBC, the kindling of giving back starts to spark.

In their second year, lighter fluid is added in the form of 30 hours of Christian service at various agencies around the county. Scott expands on Christian service by explaining that if students can explain how that service opportunity intersects with the Gospel, they can serve pretty much anywhere.

Finally, students’ flames arise while being launched into practicums and internships that create an inextinguishable passion within their hearts for loving others just as Christ did. Service opportunities help students move head knowledge from the classroom into practical experiences. - read the February Even More to hear more.


 A Student's Love for Service Turns Into a Career

A lost teenager, Heather stumbled into Cross Connections just looking for a place to hang out with her friends. The persistent love of director Meredith, coupled with her countless hours of listening and working through Heather’s questions about faith, forever impacted Heather’s life. God then led Heather to LBC, the same place where her mentor received training.  

The servant attitude exhibited and taught to every LBC student is even more than the servant’s towel they receive at graduation. As LBC alumni reach the world for Christ, the impact continues to multiply. The ministry of Cross Connection (now CrossNet Ministries) and the relentless love of Meredith Dahl brought high school student Heather Martin into God’s family. Now Heather uses her 2016 LBC Social Work degree to continue to pour out the love she received back into the place where she was loved so well. 

The faith Heather cultivated at Cross Connection expanded during her time as a student at LBC. She was first taught how to share the Gospel with people in her Bible classes. She then learned in her social work classes how to love people better and how to show Jesus’ love to people through her actions. Heather feels forever indebted to LBC for the leaders who poured into her life and who enabled her to pour into the lives of others. As Heather hears stories of broken homes, poverty, and neglect, she is able to love people because she was loved so well by servant leaders who were trained at LBC.
Heather’s biblical and social work training help her change the lives of Lancaster County teenagers and families - all in the name of Christ. Without her LBC training, she would not be able to give back with the effectiveness she does. Heather joins the ranks of other LBC graduates including Meredith Dahl, Carl Edwards (’10), Abby Witherell (’16), and former LBC employee Lisa Kerstetter; all serve at Cross Connection Ministries. The LBC connections grow in strength as current students continue to volunteer and intern at Cross Connection. 

Heather feels that her life has truly come full circle. She was impacted by the ministry at Cross Connection. She built her skills in ministry while at LBC. Now she is able to be the same loving, caring, consistent presence in the life of teenagers, just like Meredith was for her. The legacy of service continues. >

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