LBC Stories: Generation to Generation


God's Faithfulness Displayed through All Generations: 

Generation to Generation (G2G) allows students to see God’s faithfulness through all generations. LBC student and Calvary Homes resident pairings allow for both students and residents to grow together. Whether it is their group events, which involve the students and residents studying the Bible together, or the key one-on-one times together, students get to learn about relational service.

G2G Secretary Steph Blest praises her involvement in this student service group, exclaiming, “I love it.” Although different circumstances have not made it possible for Steph to continue with the same couple all her years of involvement, Steph still clearly sees the value of her time with each couple. Steph reflected, “Every one of my partners has encouraged me: don’t waste the moments you have, don’t take for granted the opportunities you’re given.” Steph will take these lessons with her for the rest of her life as she studies to be an elementary school teacher through LBC’s Education Department.

G2G Vice President Rachael Harrell could not help but smile as she recollected memories she experienced with Dan and Lois Sauder her Calvary Homes partners of two years. The Sauders took Rachael on a tour around Lancaster County to key places from different stages of their lives. As they shared their lives with Rachael, they also genuinely cared about Rachael’s life. Experiencing the value of relationships, the Sauders modeled to Rachael how to share in each other’s struggles and love one another. 

Kim Miller, President of G2G, has been involved with the ministry since its beginning. With a twinkle in her eye, Kim connects the ministry of G2G to Hebrews 11, explaining that hearing the residents’ stories reminds her of the cloud of witnesses displayed in Hebrews 11. Kim is learning that service “sometimes is just being with people and doing life with them walking alongside other people and helping them walk with Jesus.”  Although service through work projects remains important, serving through displaying love to others stands as of equal importance in the life of a Christian. Serving with G2G teaches Kim, Rachael, Steph, and all the students involved to live out Christ’s example of service. The students in G2G see their future through the residents; they see the result of years of living faithfully in daily life. In return, the residents get to interact with the future leaders of the Church. Both sides learn to appreciate cross-generational ministry within the Church of the present. In the end, Rachael hopes everyone involved learns “the value of service is not just something to be completed but something to enjoy.”

Life-on-Life experiences are part of what makes LBC special. The relationships students have with their professors and with each other bring an extra dimension to education that cannot be found in the classroom. Sometimes the education brought through relationship does not happen on campus. Sometimes service doesn’t mean serving a meal or building a house. Sometimes we serve Christ best by being in relationship with those outside our normal circle. We learn to act on the love of Christ. >





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