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The October Issue of Even More features:

The Bible & Theology Program

The Bible & Theology Department is growing in exciting ways. It has been and always will be the heartbeat of LBC. The Bible is our living and breathing foundation. It is the core of what makes Lancaster Bible College even more than a college. 

The October issue of Even More takes a look at the heartbeat of LBC through its Bible & Theology department. All LBC students take up to 42 credits of Bible courses in addition to their studies of choice. Read about current students like Josh Fulmer, whose approach on life and ministry was transformed through his Bible courses and teachers. And former professor Harold Kime whose passion for teaching the Bible has started a legacy at LBC. The Bible & Theology department is full of stories of Gods impact through His word - read the October Even More to hear more.


A Biblical Legacy Carries On

In the early 1990s, Dr. Harold Kime was teaching a Biblical Hermeneutics class in the Sebastian Academic Center. Among his students that day was Tony Shetter, an undergraduate student with hopes of becoming a pastor. Biblical Hermeneutics, a Bible & Theology (B&T) course at LBC, is one of many courses that helps lay the biblical groundwork for students to gain the tools needed to study Gods word. 

After that Biblical Hermeneutics class in the 90s, Shetter continued his courses at LBC. Then he went on to study at Dallas Theological Seminary, where he quickly learned that his call to ministry was not as a pastor but as a professor. Shetter points back to his own professor who told him he was a natural teacher with a pastor’s heart, forever changing his approach to his career. 

“Students are more than numbers on a page.” Shetter says. “They are people with lives. I never want to forget that when I’m teaching. I want my students to feel valued and heard.” He joined LBC’s B&T department as an Adjunct Professor in 2012 and became full-time Associate Professor in the summer of 2016.  Shetter is not the first nor the only student taught by Dr. Kime who then went on to pursue a doctorate in biblical studies and return to be a professor at LBC. 

Dr. Kime, a graduate of Lancaster Bible College when it was still known as Lancaster School of the Bible, has taught at LBC for 40 years and counting. Technically retired, Dr. Kime keeps coming back as an adjunct professor to teach a few classes. “Seeing former students of mine return to LBC as Bible & Theology professors brings me great satisfaction,” said Kime. “It makes me rethink my role. My greatest value at LBC is no longer as a teacher but as a mentor of teachers.” Dr. Kime, an LBC legend, has watched the ways the College’s B & T Department has grown over the years while keeping its mission intact. 

Dr. Kime and Shetter agree that the Bible is LBC’s core foundation. “Our overall philosophy at the Bible college is not just to prepare someone vocationally, but to prepare someone who is spiritually ready to serve in society. This sets us apart from other Christian colleges. We are interested in developing graduates to be spiritual leaders no matter their vocation.” Dr. Kime states this as the purpose of the B&T department at LBC. It has been and always will be the heartbeat of the college.  

Shetter and Dr. Kime both find great joy in helping LBC students lay out a biblical foundation with spiritual tools they can use for life. A solid Christian life must be built upon the Bible in order to live out a biblical worldview. This grounding statement is the foundation for both men’s teaching philosophy. The Bible & Theology Department at LBC is truly the core of the college. Shetter and Dr. Kime are a part of a continuing legacy of the Bible, impacting the lives at LBC and beyond. This legacy continues with each of their students wherever they go. Both professors stress the importance of not only teaching students how to study the Bible but how to communicate it with society. Shetter sums it up best with these words, “In a world full of so many voices, we have the voice, the Word of God. We can’t lose that – we are never taking that out. The Bible is truly the foundation of this institution.”

Read Even More, October 2016.

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