Why give to the Scholarship Fund?


"As an international student, being a recipient of the LBC Scholarship Fund has been an honor. Without LBC’s financial support, I would not be allowed to obtain such a high quality education as I am today." 

Class of 2018

Your generosity provides scholarships that keep our talented students, like Anastasia, at LBC. 80% of our students rely on scholarships to attend school. Our hearts break when a student leaves due to financial challenges. 

Your giving strengthens our students and strengthens God's Kingdom. We thank you for understanding the vital importance of equipping our students to think and live a biblical worldview, and to proclaim Christ in the Church and society. 

Our undergraduate enrollment has grown 66% from 2005-2015, our scholarship funding has only grown 10%. Our ultimate goal is to provide 100% of our student's financial needs. 


 Invest in the lives of our students today!


With friends like you, our goal is to raise $2,650,000 to give to students. Adding in our endowment and donor-sponsored scholarships, we will award nearly $3.4 million directly to students. We are grateful you want to help our students become EVEN MORE for God's glory!

Scholarship Facts

  • Nearly three out of four students receive scholarship aid at LBC.
  • More than 750 students were funded in academic year 2014/15 - your gift makes this possible!
  • Establilshed in 1987, over $30 million dollars has been awarded to students through the LBC Scholarship Fund.
  • The average Pennsylvanian college graduate has $33,624 in student debt. Thanks to you, the average LBC graudate has just over half of that. 

Scholarship Goal

Our 2016-17 goal is $2,650,000.

$50 / month
$84 / month
$180 / month
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